Beliefs on Dialogue (Comment Policy)

I believe in healthy dialogue between people of differing viewpoints. I do NOT believe that opposition has some inherent value. If your only contribution to the conversation is, “You’re wrong,” you should reconsider commenting.

If your contribution is, “I believe that you are wrong BECAUSE,” then your contribution has moved from unhelpful to valuable.

If your contribution contains any abusive language or name-calling, then it is both unhelpful and unwelcome. Any such commenters will be warned. If the warning doesn’t suffice, the comment will be deleted. If the deletion doesn’t suffice, the commenter will be blocked.

Finally, this blog is meant to be a safe space for people who feel unwelcome in traditional Christian conversation. If you feel threatened by that conversation, think about why. If you can’t handle that level of introspection on your faith, perhaps find a blog more suited to your theological understanding.

One thought on “Beliefs on Dialogue (Comment Policy)

  1. I came across your blog by ‘coincidence’ through a posting on Facebook. The brief statement of your journey, may I affirm as worthy, courageous and “faith”-filled. I am saving your blog to explore further in the next couple of days.

    May I simply say that I was raised among the Religious Society of Friends (“Quakers”) in a free-thinking, non-creedal, non-dogmatic tradition of ‘seeking truth’, knowing that there are no absolute truths – all answers evoke more questions. Many people find it difficult to live with such ‘in-security’, with the lack of dogmatic answers, not to be questions. I cannot live in those conditions. I did become a Baptist (of the ‘modernist’ tradition) when I decided to give in to that long-troubling sense of ‘calling’ and had exhaustively explored every possible excuse to stay out. That included other actual possible professional careers. Because of certain citizenship problems caused by my being born in the U.S. – I couldn’t get my green card soon enough to go to Earlham School of Religion to do my Master’s degree. Having been exposed to Baptists quite a lot – I chose to attend Div College – that particular one was excellent for me – at that time. I served with very ‘liberal’ congregations. I left many years ago to “come out of the closet” and claim that liberation from oppression to be more of the whole person that I am.

    I have continued on a volunteer basis in Chaplaincy as other areas having taken a lot of Clinical Pastoral Counseling Training, a non-pathologizing mode of therapeutic counseling and a model for ministry. Since then, my beliefs have continued to grow and develop in the logical directions. I am a non-theist while avoiding the word a-theist because of the negative agenda that goes with it.

    Like you, I have trouble using the word ‘christian’ now as much as I am a ‘passionate follower of the radical Galilean Rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth who keeps on radicalizing me more and more. It is to a way of living and being in all our relationships with other living beings and the whole ecological environment that I am devoted – not to the exclusion of other ‘ways’, or ‘paths’.

    Thank you for your witness.
    The Rev. Gordon Hill.
    (while I have not been a member of any denomination or congregation for many years, I was never “defrocked”, so to speak.)

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